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Monton Festival 2014


One of the great benefits of living in Monton has to be the annual Monton Midsummer Festival when the whole village comes together, and Monton is transformed for the day.

This year saw over 70 stalls,  entertainment, fashion show, a Fun Fair on the Green, lots of stuff for the kids, even a Coconut Shy !, and, of course,  the immensely popular Bar On The Green.

For our contribution this year we staged a Children’s Drawing Competition, (Draw Your Dream House ), a Lollipop Lotto and a  Ball Skills Game, we also had a Tiger !

Tang was a great hit with the kids..and our local Community Police Officer,Tracy.

Our Tiger  was on loan for the day from  Family Martial Arts. Rob  Brindle, co-owner and our independent mortgage advisor, is a keen martial arts fan as are most of the members of his family, regulars of the club in Swinton

Huge Thank You to Monton Residents Association !

The event is staged entirely by volunteers  who work hard every year to make the event a success.. this year saw volunteers battling a torrential downpour to have everything ready the day before.  Below is a tweet from the day,  posted to Twitter by MVCA Chair, Liz Harris.


ALL afternoon painting lines and numbers on The Green. In the rain. SO: bath, glass of rose, bed!

— Liz Harris (@Marketing_Liz) July 4, 2014

You can find more details about the work of the Association and details of how to join here..


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