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Post Brexit House Prices – Impact in Salford

According to online publication ‘The Week’ the predicted slump in house prices is taking its time to show up nationally.

Even if there is an impact, Eccles, Monton, Swinton and surrounding areas are unlikely to be affected.
Salford is enjoying a surge of popularity as people are becoming aware of the availablity of decent housing at good prices, along with good schools ,great transport networks…and some fabulous parks and country walks

We have yet to see any drop in house prices locally, with specific areas, such as Monton (‘Monton Carlo’) continuing to increase in price.

The surrounding areas of Monton are becoming increasingly popular with people who are unable to afford the village itself i.e Winton, Peel Green, Swinton, Salford 6 and these are all good places to buy

Monton Lighthouse
Monton Lighthouse