Padgetts’ Promise

Around a year ago we sat down together, in Felicini’s on Monton Road, and had a long talk about what our business was all about and what we wanted our customers to know about us, and this is what we came up with…  

If we wanted to be really posh we’d probably call it our ‘Mission Statement’, but we prefer to call it our promise…to our customers

We Won’t Promise To Be Perfect

Because, just like you, we’re human,   but, what we will promise, is to give you our absolute best

We’ve been in the property business now for nearly a quarter of a century

buying and selling houses in this area,many of them more than once…

So our best, on the whole, is pretty good

Straight Talking

Like most people we are tired of waffle and blurb designed to get

business or to cover up mistakes…

we prefer to be honest…

even if its not always in our favour.

Work Together

Every step of the way

Go The Extra Mile

No problem…

Treat EVERY customer equally

with the utmost respect, honesty, transparency,support…


We feel for our customers when a sale falls through or an offer is rejected,

we like nothing better than to see our customers happy …

We offer as much support as we can through what is possibly the most stressful ‘business’ a family can ever hope to do and we make sure that each and every one of you gets

the fairest deal possible, whether selling or buying


Genuinely professional, as in ‘getting the job done’. We know what we’re talking about, we get the job done, we do it well, and we do it openly honestly and fairly


Rob,Jean,Gemma.Lilian & Georgia